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Leafy Patch gourmet salad varieties are grown in Victoria and packed fresh at the farm to the highest quality standards. Let your tastebuds enjoy our tasty range of healthy leaves and salad mixes.

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Product image View Product Gourmet Mix Leafy Patch Gourmet Salad Mix creates a vibrant, refreshing and satisfying daily salad dining experience.
Product image View Product Baby Spinach Baby Spinach has soft deep green leaves with a pleasant and mild flavour.
Product image View Product Rocket Leaves Leafy Patch Rocket Leaves have a distinguished taste, a peppery bite, serrated foliage and an intense aroma.
Product image View Product Baby Cos Lettuce Baby cos is much smaller than mature cos lettuce and lighter in colour. It's flavour is delicate , with a crispy crunchy texture.
Product image View Product Baby Kale Leafy Patch Baby Kale has a unique, mild taste with a terrific crunchy texture.
Product image View Product Baby Sorrel Leafy Patch Baby Sorrel leaves have a distinctive fruity lemon taste.
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