Leafy Patch Gourmet Salad Mix creates a vibrant, refreshing and satisfying daily salad dining experience. It includes a range of fresh lettuce leaves in a combination of colours. 

Ingredients in each pack may vary by season. Each mix of gourmet salad leaves is created to create flavour and texture in your salads. We mix a range of varieties, including soft spinach leaves, spicy rocket, bitter radicchio and crisp chard to create a salad that’s interesting and tasty straight from the pack.

Health Benefits

Leafy green vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals and fewer calories than any other vegetable. Eating a fresh salad every day is a great way to add another serving of vegetables to your diet. Salads are a valuable source of fibre in your diet too, and the savoury lettuce included in our Gourmet Salad Mix is high in antioxidants, so it’s great for you.

Cooking and Food Pairing

The savoury flavour combinations in our Gourmet Mix salad means it will pair well with red and white meats, seafood or served on its own with your favourite dressing. View the recipes below for some flavour inspiration.